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Modern Slavery Statement


Apaxon® Limited is steadfast in its commitment to ethical business practices and upholding human rights across all aspects of its operations. This Modern Slavery Statement underscores our resolve to identify, prevent, and mitigate any risks of modern slavery and human trafficking in our business activities and supply chains. It aligns with our core values of integrity, innovation, client-focused, and excellence, ensuring we conduct our business responsibly and ethically.

Our Business and Supply Chains

Apaxon® Limited, a leader in IT support, website development, IT consultation, website maintenance, SEO, and cybersecurity, operates primarily within Manchester but serves clients across various sectors. Our supply chain encompasses a broad range of partners, including software and hardware providers, service contractors, and other vendors crucial to our business operations.

Commitment to Ethical Practices

We hold a zero-tolerance policy towards modern slavery and human trafficking within our operations and supply chain. Our commitment extends beyond compliance with legal requirements; it is integral to our mission and corporate values. We strive to ensure that our partners and suppliers share these ethical standards and principles.

Due Diligence and Risk Assessment

To effectively manage and reduce the risks associated with modern slavery and human trafficking, Apaxon® Limited has implemented comprehensive due diligence processes. These include:

Conducting risk assessments to identify potential areas of concern within our operations and supply chains.
Engaging with suppliers to ensure they understand and comply with our ethical standards, including regular audits and assessments.
Providing training and awareness programs for our employees to recognize and respond to signs of modern slavery and human trafficking.

Policies and Actions

Our commitment to combating modern slavery is embedded in our corporate policies, including:

A Supplier Code of Conduct that mandates adherence to ethical labour practices.
An Employee Code of Conduct that outlines our expectations for ethical behaviour and responsibility.
A Whistleblower Policy that encourages employees and external stakeholders to report any unethical behaviour or violations of our policies without fear of retaliation.

Measuring Effectiveness

We regularly review and assess the effectiveness of our efforts to combat modern slavery and human trafficking. This includes monitoring compliance within our supply chain, evaluating the outcomes of our risk assessments and audits, and soliciting feedback on our training programs.

Continuous Improvement

Recognizing the evolving nature of modern slavery risks, Apaxon® Limited is committed to continuously improving our practices and strategies to combat these issues. We engage with industry experts, participate in relevant forums, and update our policies and procedures to reflect best practices and legal requirements.

Approval and Review

This Modern Slavery Statement has been approved by the Board of Directors and will be reviewed and updated annually to reflect our ongoing commitment to ethical business practices and the fight against modern slavery and human trafficking.

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